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What Can You Expect from this Course?

Why Learn Here at Karpado!?

The curated learning content, that doesn't match with any book or other courses!

Designed for Job, Interview & Certification!

You will be taught by someone who had been there, done that! We know exactly what it takes to get you the knowledge you need!

Latest & Greatest Content!

Why learn from outdated and stale content online? When you can learn the latest and greatest content with constant timely updation?

No Distractions!

No funny ads or cat video distractions, that will hinder your learning progress. Learn in a focused manner with lively user interface.

Technical Support & Community Access!

Stuck somewhere? We are just a message away to clarify all your technical queries. You will also get access to our community to discuss things, ask questions, get advice or to basically have fun with other learners!

Comprehensive Curriculum!

No need to refer any other Books or courses. We've done all the heavy lifting for you, and covered everything you need to know.

Lifetime access with Free Updates!

Technology is ever evolving and it's important that you stay up to date with latest features. With lifetime access and free updates, you get all that at no additional cost.

Who can take this course?

Know Your Instructor!

Karthikeya T

I've been in IT field since 2007 and have got opportunity to work with many reputed MNC's, both as full time employee and as a freelancer. I happened to meet some of the smartest minds in the industry.

Over the past few years, I've been mentoring professionals worldwide to help them meet their career objectives. Be it a Job, Freelancing or to clear certification.

But more than anything, I love teaching. It's my passion. It gives me immense satisfaction, to share my knowledge and help someone excel in their career.

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    Know how to prepare and deliver interviews that will significantly improve your odds of cracking it!

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    Increase your productivity with these productivity hacks, while also spending less time.

  • [Bonus-3] Lifetime Community Access! (99$ Free!!)

    Learning can be better if we learn together. Get access to our community, where you can make friends, post questions, get solution, and a lot more fun!

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Why Learn Git and GitHub??

A must have skill

Millions of projects and Millions of developers worldwide, are relying on GitHub. It is almost an expectation that you have exposure to using Git and GitHub and know how to handle a given scenario.

Project Management

Do you want to manage your own personal project for free? Or do you have a team of individual who together contribute to your project? Well, GitHub solves the problem.


Git and GitHub are the integral part of the entire DevOps ecosystem. If you panning to apply for Cloud or DevOps job role, learning Git and GitHub is almost a mandatory skill.

Opensource projects

Millions of opensource projects were hosted on GitHub, and they need your contribution. There is no better way to build your profile credibility than contributing to open source projects. This will also act as a proof of your expertise.

Learn on YouTube for Free? (well, think again!)

Learn on YouTube

Learn here on Karpado


Outdated content


Latest and greatest content!


Annoying ads


No Ads


Doesn’t cover every concept


Carefully crafted syllabus


Taught my non-experts


Taught by a real expert


No future updates


Timely updates for ever!


Unorganized content


Organized content


Other video distractions


Zero distractions. Focused learning.

Full blown Syllabus, that covers every concepts that you ever need!

The entire curriculum is carefully designed, to cover everything, that you need to know to start working on Real time Projects (Including all it's latest features).

Special emphasis was given to topics that are absolutely crucial for interviews or for a Job.


Do You Wish to Secure a Software Job?

Well, get introduced to one of the most dominating technologies in the world to create Web, Mobile and Big Data applications!

Learn everything to clear your next interview for a development role.

Still thinking? Try us for good 30 days, and see for yourself. Didn't like it? Well, get refunded in full!


It's Time To Kick Start Your Java Journey!

Lifetime Access & Free Updates!

You will get lifetime access to this course and you are also eligible to receive updates of new features, at no additional cost.

30-Day | Zero Risk - Full Refund Guarantee!

If for "whatever" reason, you don't like the training, your refund is just a message away. You can request for refund, even on 30th day!

Private Facebook Group Access!

Learning can be fun if we learn together! Get access to our private Facebook group, where you can post questions, interact, get freebies, etc.


Most frequent questions and answers

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If you have any questions around it, send us an email at : contact@karpado.com

Bonuses are included in the course itself, and would be unlocked after 30 days of your enrollment.

  • Content on YouTube is unorganized
  • YouTube contains annoying ads and distracting videos
  • YouTube doesn’t offer technical assistance
  • YouTube has outdated content
  • Tutors on YouTube are not experienced, don’t teach with passion as it’s free
  • YouTube doesn’t let you take Quiz/Assignments/Interview questions and test your skills.
  • You cannot track your progress on YouTube
  • Cannot let you download project files.

Every course also covers the pre-requisites concepts that you need to know to get started. 

You can take the course, and if you find it difficult to follow along, you can ask for full refund.

If you don’t like the course for whatever reason, you will get full refund. You need to let us know by sending an email to contact@karpado.com, within 30 days of your enrollment. 

Passionate learners can come from any corner of the world. USD, being the most popularly known currency, we are using it.

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We do not pay the difference, or compensate with anything else.

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Once you enroll in the course, you can communicate with us in the following ways

– You can use the comment section under each lecture to post your queries

– You can post your questions in our community

– You can directly send us an email at contact@karpado.com

– Only in exceptional cases or only when absolutely needed, we’d make a phone call to resolve your queries.

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