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Karthikeya T, Comes with 12+ years of experience in the Industry and had contributed to many mission critical projects in various sectors, including telecom, banking, financial services, etc. He switched between many jobs/roles, experienced various cultures and technologies. Karthikeya, has been mentoring projects online as a freelancer. One of the things that he is absolutely passionate about, is Teaching.

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That's true, we spend more than what you pay!
Because our current focus is to build our brand by providing value, than making profits. Within no time, the price will soar to ₹8999/-

That's how much you pay for a movie ticket or for one meal!

I am confident that I can give my trainees the knowledge and the results they are looking for. But by far, the biggest hurdle for them is procrastination.

Karthikeya T

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30 - Day Refund Policy!

If you are not happy with the training, you will not only get full refund, but you can still access the training videos!

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Once after you enroll, you will immediately receive an email with login details to virtual school.

Once you login, you will see everything including training videos, quiz, interview questions, career guide, link to private Facebook group, etc.

You can either send an email at or you can post your queries in our “Members Only” Facebook group.

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We do not store your payment information with us.

Well, it’s because we are not focused on making profits yet. We want to build our brand online and so we are spending money on your behalf to grain traction.

However, this will not last for long. Once we reach our marketing objectives, the price will easily sore to 8999/-

The training will start with an assumption that you know nothing about programming. So, we will start from scratch in beginner friendly way and go in to deeper concepts that you don’t find elsewhere.

We cannot guarantee that the price you see today, will be the same price tomorrow. We adjust the price depending on our objectives.

It’s simple. Just write us at and we will happily process your refund.

Despite processing your refund, you will still have access to training videos.

Free users tend to register, and never come back again! They register, just because it is ‘free’. But, they don’t have real genuine intent to learn and succeed.

Again, we are definitely in loss by give you at this price. But, we expect you to be committed enough to pay this tiny amount and reap the benefits!

Yes! We accept all Debit/Credit cards to accept your payment.

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