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Karthikeya T, Comes with 12+ years of experience in the Industry and had contributed to many mission critical projects in various sectors, including telecom, banking, financial services, etc. He switched between many jobs/roles, experienced various cultures and technologies. Karthikeya, has been mentoring projects online as a freelancer. One of the things that he is absolutely passionate about, is Teaching.
I’ve gone though some of the toughest phases in life & career. From being job less to mentoring projects/professionals today, I’ve learnt many things in the process.
Many individuals have skills but they don’t know how to leverage them to maximum potential. It’s not so tough, but they just don’t know. I use teaching, to transform that knowledge.

Karthikeya T

If you master these 3-steps, you will be an unstoppable force!

The 3-Step formula to become a Highly Paid Full Stack Java Developer!

You have two options..

Option 1 : Try to master everything on your own. It may take between 3-5 years. You may make countless mistakes, but hopefully in the end you will become an expert.


Option 2 : Learn from someone who has already done it before. Let them save your time/money/effort and get you early success in just a few months. So that you don't have to make those countless mistakes.

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"Your courses were so unique and to the point! Exactly the kind of teaching style I am looking for. Anyway, the reason why i am writing this email, is to let you know that i landed in a new job with satisfactory salary and your guidance helped me a great deal!"
Rajesh Rawath
Senior Software Engineer
"My background was in testing, but i got opportunity to move to development. I had tough time understanding the technology and was struggling to make progress. But you made my transition very smooth and I am able to connect the dots now. I can easily sense the difference."
"I've been taking freelancing projects for a while. But your courses helped me to untap some new areas and started working on more complex projects/enterprise apps. I even started quoting higher rates and increased my freelancing business revenue. Thank you!"

Here is what you get!

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This program is for both beginners as well as experienced. And can get started without any prior knowledge on programming.

A very comprehensive end-to-end program, designed to give you results.

We offer a 7-Hour resolution for all your technical queries and guidance.

Well thought out curriculum covering each concept in depth with great examples.

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30-Day Refund policy

You will have 30 days of freedom to try our service. If (for whatever reason), you are not happy with the training, we will refund your money in full.

Note : Since this is a limited time offer, we recommend you to enroll now and try the service. If you feel like the training is not adding any value, we will refund in full. But, once the offer expires, we won't be able to get you at this price.

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