Top 5 Golden Tips to Get a Job at Google, Microsoft (From existing employees!)

Top 5 Golden Tips to Get a Job at Google, Microsoft (From existing employees!)

You don’t have to be a Genius to get a job in Google, Microsoft, Amazon. You just need to know the right learning strategy!

Ever imagined yourself getting a paycheck from top MNC’s like Google, Microsoft, Amazon? But, you feel like it’s too hard to crack their interview?

Let me tell you something. “IT IS INDEED HARD!”.

But, I will share with you a few golden tips, that we’ve learnt over the years of experience in mentoring individuals.

Tip 1 : Emphasize more on Algorithms and Data Structures and..

It really hurts to say, but if you want to make it to these top MNC’s, then your technical knowledge is least preferred.

Yes! That’s true.

You must have a good grip on “Algorithms and Data Structures”, and be able to solve the giving problem, using the programming language of your choice.

Basically, they test “How smart you solve a given problem” than your technical knowledge.

That’s why, if you are taking training on “Alg & DS”, do make sure that the training is more of practice than just theory and you get help from instructor when required.

We always do that when we train individuals. Because, guess what! You are the one who will give the interview.

Tip 2 : You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to know everything!

If you are giving interviews in these top MNC’s, it’s not about “Perfection”. It’s about “How you deal with imperfections”!

It’s not expected that you answer each and every question in the interview. But, they consider how you deal with the given task, and how you approach to solve a given problem with your existing knowledge.

For example, if you are learning “Alg & DS”, there are endless concepts to learn. Do you need to learn everything that ever existed? No!

Let’s be honest. No one is perfect, including the interviewer. I mean, do you think the CEO of Google/Microsoft know everything? “Never!”

Tip 3 : Invest in Proper Training / Mentorship, or else..

A lot of people learn online for months or even years, yet they don’t make it to these top MNC’s. Why? They don’t know what they are doing!

Instead why not invest in good training from someone who has made it to these top MNC’s? So that you can get results much faster, without having to make those countless mistakes?

Even if you get 50% hike from your previous employer, it will easily payoff.

It’s also crucial who is teaching! For example, our instructors are from Microsoft, Google. Because, only if they can make it, they can guide you how.

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Tip 4 : Plan your learning!

When it comes to preparing for interview in these top MNC’s, you must plan your learning.

Failing to plan, is planning to fail!

Take a look at existing interview questions. Go through the interview experiences of other individuals and plan your learning.

But it’s always better to have someone to guide/mentor you through the process. Because, there’s just too much information out there and it’s easy to get frustrated.

Tip 5 : Never give up

It may be a bit tiresome process, but don’t lose hope. Getting a job in these MNC’s is very rewarding and you will have a better life with better income. Not you mention, you can market yourself for the rest of you life that you worked for these top MNC’s

It’s worth every effort to learn what it takes to get you there. Just imagine getting a luxury Free lunch everyday at Google 😛 !

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